Content Services For Indie & small tech teams

Helping early stage and indie tech startups level up their content game!


It is a lot of work to both create a product and write about it.

I help provide up to date content coverage that small teams lack due to the rapid evolution of their product and a limited staff on deck.

Product Documentation & Guides

I work closely with teams to document their software products and provide all relevant help guides

Growth Content

With my software background and a bit of research I am able to create industry-relevant content for traffic and growth purposes

Promotional & Distribution Channels Discovery

Creating content is not enough, I go a step further to help find relevant avenues to distribute them

Persona Research and Audience Development

In cases where your audience isn't clearly defined, I will work with you to filter out the noise and focus on your ideal customers


Provide your customers with world-class documentation & guides

In the very early stages you can walk new customers through your integration process, but in other to scale your product, you will need to provide industry-standard documentation, not as a secondary element but as a core part of your product offering.

Before jumping into growth content I will work with you to ensure your documentation and product guides meet developer expectations, by providing technical and editorial assistance.

Build a vault of growth content

Content Marketing remains one of the best ways to reach new customers.

However, to leverage this channel you need to have enough content covering relevant topic areas. Topics your potential customers are likely to search.

My goal at this stage is to not only assist with the creation of content but also identify the best distribution methods.

  • → Get other developers to write about your product
  • → Push your content through distribution mediums
  • → Cover relevant subject areas that lead to organic conversions


Who Am I ?

My name is Eddymens and I have over 7 years worth of experience spread between working as a software developer, sales engineer, startup co-founder and currently a technical writer.
I find myself in the unique position to help developer centric product teams with their Dev Centers, SDKs, Documentation and Developer outreach.

Personal Website


As you can already imagine there is not a one size fits all pricing for this kind of work.

However I do have a working rate of $40/hour for consultations. Depending on the nature of the work (involving illustrators, distribution channels etc) involved and its longevity there might be some fixed costs as well.

For cases where you only need growth content and have a marketing plan in place, I charge anywhere between $200 to $400 per an article.

For documentation, it usually starts out with consultation sessions and we come up with a price based on the final requirements.

To ensure I bring the most value to teams, I have adopted a guided approach to my work

  • → Initial free consultation with you to better understand your needs
  • → Walking through your current content process
  • → Defining what I could potentially help your team with
  • → Agree on goals, deliverables and get right to work!
  • → Go through delivery, review and adjustment cycles to achieve the best results over time

I rarely work alone, I mostly work with illustrators to create quality diagrams, SEO experts to optimize content for SEO purposes and distribution channels to get content across to a wider audience.

You don't have to pay a cent if I am not able to deliver

I usually find myself working closely with teams with the goal of better integrating my work with the teams overall goal.

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